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John Sauro BSc VP Operations

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About Us

For over three decades Canada North Outfitting has been catering to the needs of hunters from the world over Founded by Jerome and Helina Knap in 1981. Canada North Outfitting has pioneered Outfitting in the Arctic. Providing the first fully and professionally outfitted sport hunts to non resident hunters. From these humble beginnings we have grown to be one of the most trusted brands in the Outfitting Industry .Canada North is unique in operations as we partner with Inuit communities for the consumptive use of sustainable and reusable Arctic wildlife from the day we took out the first polar bear hunter at the mouth of Frobisher Bay on Baffin Island to the first muskox hunters on Prince of Wales Island out of Resolute, Nunavut. Canada North also pioneered sport hunting for walrus in 1995 after its’ many year closure.

Our highly qualified team at Canada North Outfitting has the most comprehensive knowledge of hunting, outfitting and the concepts of wildlife management. We aren’t simply booking agency but rather are outfitters, and we are hunters in heart and soul. Our team has hunted across North America and throughout the world,  their sole focus is the Arctic and the Canada North Client.Working at a professional capacity on wildlife management programs as well as conservation programs. Canada North Outfitting has been acknowledged by research bodies, hunting and conservation organizations, and our friends in the Inuit communities as being fully committed to the land, the people and the wildlife that grace it.

To be certain outfitting for Canada’s Arctic is an exceptional challenge to ensure exceptional results for our Clients. Few environments in the world are as challenging and arguably as exciting as fulfilling. As Canada’s premiere hunting adventure agency, clients have relied on our expertise not only in the Arctic but as well as in arranging their complete hunting experience and itineraries with our associate outfitters across Canada in pursuit of exceptional Big Game opportunities. Our mission is to ensure your hunting expedition is outstanding at every level and meets or exceeds your expectations. If we are not outfitting you directly our first hand knowledge, long term partnerships and experience with each and every outfitter we book you with will ensure a great trip. We are avid hunters ourselves first and foremost and our undying commitment is to ensuring our clients have high quality hunting experiences keeping them coming back year after year.

Canada North Outfitting’s Team

Shane Black, President 

Shane has been involved in big game hunting and outdoor related adventures in British Columbia and the Yukon since 1975.  He sits on the executive of BC’s Wildlife Stewardship Council and Region 6’s Tahltan Guide Outfitters Association.  He is an active member in SCI’s Guide and Outfitter affiliation program.  Shane recently attended SCI’s Crucial to Conservation forum in Atlanta.  Conservation is an issue very close to his heart. Shane has guided hunters with his BC Safaris company since its inception in 2000 through to 2014 , building BC Safaris into one of BC’s premier horseback adventure outfits.  Shane’s focus is outfitting and leading Canada North Outfitting in addition to his responsibilities at BC Safaris is solely outfitting the BC area as well as Canada North Outfitting. To this day, Shane is a man of many talents, he is a ferrier, a horse wrangler, the consummate host, has done many northern fur runs with his dad establishing relationships with native communities in BC, has run urban based retail fur operations and attended runway shows in Milano and New York, however his passion for hunting and the outdoors, a seed firmly planted by his father, demanded he focus his life solely in the wilds of Shane spends a significant amount of the year in Canada’s Arctic welcoming incoming and outgoing hunters and ensuring that their experience is nothing less than remarkable. His tremendous knowledge from hands on Guiding and Outfitting, acquired over many years has afforded him an in-depth, unparalleled knowledge.  Shane is able to provide the best quality hunt experience and the highest chance of harvesting quality species.  He spends over 4 months a year in the Arctic and 4 months in the mountains of BC.  Truly an Outfitter with a personal agenda to not just sell a hunt but ensure the highest chance of success and the best possible experience.  Shane is a consummate professional who’s goal is to ensure we have wildlife for the future an environment that can sustain wildlife, and repeat clientele.

On January 11, 2017 Safari Club International officially announced that Shane was chosen as the recipient of the prestigious SCI 2017 North American Professional Hunter of the Year Award.

John Sauro, BSc VP Operations 

John, a respected wildlife biologist, game manager and outfitter. He began his professional career with Ducks Unlimited Canada working on major wetland restoration projects throughout Quebec from 1979 to 1990. He has been highly successful in guiding waterfowl and whitetail deer hunters continuously for the past 26 years. In 1994 and 1995 John was the marketing and operations manager of a caribou outfitting business operating from the Inuit community of Kuujjuaq, Quebec. Since 1996 he has been managing a private and exclusive hunting club belonging to a majority shareholder of a Forbes 500 company. His mandate is to insure that sound wildlife habitat; game management and hunting strategies are adhered to and provide exceptional outdoor expeditions for a variety of international guests. At Canada North John is a stirringly passionate representative of the people of the north. He has visited the arctic countless times to accompany incoming hunters and his knowledge and comprehension of Canada’s arctic wildlife is unparalleled. John runs CNO’s eastern office and works closely with Inuit communities to ensure logistic and all elements of the hunt are managed . Always respecting the cultural imperatives of the north, and ensuring his clients are well informed and equipped to handle their northern adventure.

It is our mission to provide you with a truly exceptional Arctic Experience and hunt some of the world’s most unique species that inhabit the ”Top Of The World”.


When leaving the Arctic after a hunt, Canada North Outfitting has the satisfaction of knowing that you are leaving behind a part of your heart out on the land and with the Inuit community.This is much more than a hunting adventure, it is a life experience…