Arctic Islands Caribou & Greenland Muskox

Arctic Islands Caribou & Greenland Muskox

From mid-October to mid-November herds of Arctic Islands Caribou move into the southeast corner of Victoria Island. The Caribou often migrate right outside the town limits of Cambridge Bay with clients at times seeing hundreds of Caribou daily.

Cambridge Bay on Victoria Island has billed itself as the “Muskox Capital” of the world. This designation was given due to southern Victoria Island having a large population of these ice age big game animals. Safari Club International classifies all Victoria Island Muskox as the Greenland designation. The Muskox from this area are of exceptional quality.

Canada North has been operating hunts here since 1995 with unparalleled hunter success including archery hunters. Contact Us to Book

Fall Hunt – Mid-October to Early-November

The Arctic Islands Caribou and Greenland Muskox hunts are carried out by snowmobile and an Inuit sled (Komatik) or ATV. Accessing the hunting areas by snowmobile/ATV allows the guide and client to cover a tremendous amount of ground thus providing more opportunity to look over adult bulls.

Winter is just starting when these hunts take place so the conditions are not as harsh as on the March-April Muskox Hunts. The hunting camps are very basic plywood cabins heated with white gas cook stoves or stove oil. Clients can rent down parkas and pants at a very nominal cost through Canada North Outfitting in Cambridge Bay upon your arrival. Contact Us to Book

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