Central Canada Barren-Ground Caribou – Late-Summer Hunt

Barren-Ground Caribou Late-Summer Hunt

The Qamanirjuaq caribou herd numbers are approximately 400,000. Hunting with the use of an ATV or boat, a mobile guide and hunter can always find caribou. Rifle hunters have maintained a very high harvest success on the 2 limit Central Canada barren-ground caribou. Bow hunters do well because of the landscape consisting of ravines and gullies. With the ATV’s and boats at your disposal, hunters can get ahead of the caribou and plan a stalk to get within bow shooting range. Hunts are carried out of the main camp with comfortable accommodations, running water, and home cooked meals. Whenever caribou are located at long distances from the main camp facilities, then drop camps with more basic features will be used. Contact Us to Book

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This unmatched hunt experience coupled with amazing safety record and high success rate has had clients consistently putting entries into the record books.