Barren Ground Grizzly Bear – Spring Hunt

Barren Ground Grizzly Bear Hunting

Prime Coastal and Inland Areas

Barren Ground Grizzly Bear Hunting

The Vast Tundra of Nunavut

Barren Ground Grizzly Bear – Spring Hunt

The Barren Ground Grizzly is the most beautiful of all bears and is known for its aggressiveness. The Grizzly population has been growing and their range expanding throughout the Canadian Arctic, however, tags issued by the government are extremely limited.

Our exclusive partnership within the Inuit communities allows us to offer these hunts to non-resident sport hunters.

These hunts are conducted in prime coastal and inland areas of the continental mainland across from Victoria Island. We have averaged an exceptional mature boar size and age structure over the past 10 yearsNote: Barren Ground Grizzly Bears of Nunavut are CITES importable within the European Union member states. Contact Us to Book

Hunting Grizzlies in the Arctic

Travel is done by snowmobile pulling a Komatik (Inuit sled), enabling hunters to cover far more ground than is possible in fall conditions. This is an obvious advantage when looking for bears who are travelling and seeking out food after a long hibernation.

The Barren-Ground Grizzly is well known for its ferocity. It fears no animal, man included throughout its tundra domain. In size, the Barren-Ground Grizzly compares well to the Arctic Grizzly of Alaska, and slightly smaller than the Mountain Grizzly found in British Columbia. Large specimens of Barren- Ground Grizzly may reach 2.3 meters (7.5 ft.) with most hunters harvesting bears in the 2 to 2.2 meters (6.5 to 7 ft.) lengths. The Barren-Ground Grizzly’s fur is the most colourful of all the Grizzlies. A single pelt can have four to five colours ranging from almost black on the forelegs to blond on the back and cinnamon on the flanks. Their coat is luxuriant with guard hairs occasionally reaching 40 cm (16 in) in length. Another very noticeable fact is the length of the claws.Contact Us to Book

Partnering with the Inuit

Partnering with the Inuit

A Grizzly Bear adventure is an unparalleled Cultural Experience and Incredible Adventure.  All of our guides and guide helpers are Inuit and have many years experience and training on the land and hunting.

The Inuit are the only people in Canada who can legally harvest a Grizzly Bear based on cultural and subsistence purposes and is done through strictly enforced regulations and highly monitored tag allocations. A sustainable harvest quota system set by Canadian scientists and local Inuit Wildlife Management Boards are based on the principles of conservation and Aboriginal subsistence hunting, and are not market-driven. Measures are in place to allow a limited number of Grizzly Bear tags from the overall annual harvest quota to be allocated for non-Aboriginal hunters thereby not affecting the management objectives and conservation of the species.

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