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Barren Ground Muskox

The Barren Ground Muskox (SCI classification) is found only on the continental mainland of Canada and inhabits the areas from the Arctic coast of Queen Maud Gulf to the north and from Cape Bathurst in the west to the Sherman Basin in the east. Trophy Muskox bulls from this region dominate the top entries in the Boone & Crockett and SCI record books.

Canada North Outfitting began its first hunts for Barren Ground Muskox in March 1986 and since then, have maintained an unparalleled success rate on outstanding Muskox bulls taken by both rifle and bow. The Hunt package consists of 5 full days; however, it ends immediately after a Muskox is harvested. All hunts are based on a 2X2 hunter to guide ratio travelling together on snowmobiles for safety measures.

There is a possibility of taking an Arctic Wolf during the hunt on a trophy fee basis. Accommodations during the hunt are heated basic plywood cabins that Inuit use as shelters while out on the land.Contact Us to Book

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