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Nunavut Territory




• October 18 to October 23


• October 23 to October 28


• October 29 to November 3


• November 4 to November 9


• Similar Dates for 2016


From mid-October to mid-November herds of Arctic Islands caribou move into the southeast corner of Victoria Island. The caribou often migrate right outside the town limits of Cambridge Bay with clients frequently seeing hundreds of caribou daily.


Cambridge Bay on Victoria Island bills itself as the "Muskox Capital" of the world. This designation was given due to southern Victoria Island having a population of 30,000 of these ice age big game animals. The entire island population of muskox numbers in the 45,000 range.


Safari Club International classifies all Victoria Island muskox as the Greenland race. The trophy quality of muskox from this area is as good as from the other Arctic Islands.

Canada North has been operating hunts here since 1995 with 100 percent hunter success even with bow hunters. Virtually all of the trophy animals taken by bow hunters would qualify for the Pope and Young record book and certainly the SCI record book.

These Arctic Islands caribou and Greenland muskox hunts are carried out by snowmobile and sled (Komatik). Accessing the hunting areas by snowmobile allows the guide and client to cover a tremendous amount of ground thus seeing and looking over a good number of adult bulls.


Winter is just starting when these hunts take place so the conditions are not as harsh as on the March-April muskox hunts. The hunting camps are very basic plywood cabins heated with kerosene or stove oil. Clients can rent down parkas and down wind pants at a very nominal cost in Cambridge Bay upon arrival.


Canadian Gateway City:

Edmonton, Alberta



A 40% deposit of the package price is required within 14 business days to confirm a booking.


Method of Payment:


Payments can be made by check or bank transfer to Canada North Outfitting (2011) Inc. and will be held in a trust bank account until the start of the hunt.


Cost Includes:


• Transportation from Cambridge Bay to the hunting area by snowmobile or ATV.


• Services of a licensed guide with a snowmobile or ATV, including all gas and oil.


• Food and camping gear required during the hunt.


• Accommodation in a tented camp or cabin during the hunt.


• Rough skinning of the trophy animal.


Cost Exludes:


• All travel arrangements from the client's home to the commercial airport at the Arctic community, including meals and hotel rooms. Hotel rooms in Arctic Communities must be pre-paid.


• Licenses and government trophy fees; gratuities to guides.


• Canadian Firearms Import License at a cost of $25 CAD issued by Canada Customs

upon entering Canada.


• Arctic Flight Booking Fee (includes one (1) flight itinerary change) of $215 USD


• General Administration Fee of $165 USD


• Arctic Wildlife Research Fund(AWRF) fee of $210 USD


• Sleeping bag, personal clothing and toiletries.


• Archery equipment, guns and ammunition.


• Excess baggage charges from Cambridge Bay to Edmonton.


• Packing and shipping of the trophy; taxidermy fees.


• Cancellation and trip interruption insurance.


• Visitor to Canada Health or Medical Emergency Insurance.


• The 5% Canadian Goods & Services Sales Tax (GST). Note: There is a 50% GST

refund applicable only on the hunt cost.


• Hotel and meals in Edmonton or any Arctic Communities before and after the hunt.


• Any additional hotel costs and meals due to delays caused by flight cancellations or

delays due to any reason in surface transfers to camps by ATV, snowmobile or any other conveyance that are beyond the control of Canada North Outfitting and its associates.


• Rental services of down filled pants and down filled parkas available in the community for a nominal fee of $250 USD.


• Bank wire fees


License & Trophy Fees:

The license fee per animal is $50.00 CAD and the government trophy fee per animal is $150.00 CAD plus applicable taxes. The export permit, currently free is issued once the government trophy fee is paid. Government fees are subject to change without notice.


Second Muskox:

We have a limited quantity of licenses for a second muskox of either sex. An additional government trophy fee must be paid. Muskox cows are sometimes harvested for those wanting life size mounts for a diorama with a male and female. Extra animals must be purchased in advance.

Waiver of Liability:

The insurance under-writers require that all hunting and travel adventure clients must sign a comprehensive waiver of liability recognizing that big game hunting and wilderness life and travel can be a dangerous activity.

Taxidermy and Shipment of Trophies:

We strongly advise that clients take their trophies with them as excess baggage. This is the cheapest way to get your trophy home or to a taxidermist. For our European clients, we can arrange shipment to a Canadian taxidermist but advise taking trophy as excess baggage to a Yellowknife or Edmonton based taxidermist. If wolf skins are purchased in Arctic communities, clients can obtain CITES permits there as well.


Cost Includes:

Transportation from Cambridge Bay to the hunting area by snowmobile.


Services of a licensed guide with a snowmobile, including all gas and oil.


Food and camping gear required during the hunt.


Accommodation in a tented camp or cabin during the hunt.


Rough skinning of the trophy animal.

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