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Canada North is the longest operating outfitting company in Nunavut offering the very finest in polar bear, Greenland and barren-ground muskox, Central Canada barren- ground and Arctic Islands caribou, barren-ground grizzly and Atlantic walrus hunts. Canada North pioneered polar bear hunts in the high arctic since 1981 and has maintained virtually 100% hunting success rate for the Resolute area.

Hunting is done from camps situated in prime areas that may be up to 100 miles from the village of Resolute. Muskox are found south of Resolute and can be hunted after a polar bear hunt.

All hunts are normally of 10 days duration on a 1X1 basis (one guide and dog team to one hunter) or 2X2 basis if clients wish. The hunt ends when a polar bear is harvested, even if this happens in the first day or two.

A recent environment Canada report states that Canada's Arctic is home to about 15,500 polar bears, consisting two thirds of the world population.
Canada is a proven world leader in the management, research, monitoring and conservation of polar bears. Since 1975, the polar bear population has actually increased in Canada. Polar bears are long lived wide ranging carnivores with seals as their primary food source.

Canada's management system is designed to respond to the full suite of threats to polar bears and their conservation, including climate change. A sustainable harvest implemented through agreements and quotas involving local people and governments, has been in place in Canada since the 1970's. Harvest quotas are based on the principles of conservation and aboriginal subsistence hunting, and are not market-driven.

The actual harvest level of polar bears is often less than established quotas.



Ottawa, Ontario / Winnipeg, Manitoba or Montreal, Quebec.





A 40% deposit of the package price is required to confirm a booking within 14 business days.



The balance of payment as indicated on your invoice must be received in our administrative office no later than 60 days prior to the departure date of your hunt.



Payments can be made by check or bank transfer to Canada North Outfitting (2011), Inc. and will be held in a trust bank account until the start of the hunt.




We highly recommend clients to purchase cancellation and trip interruption insurance at the time of booking to ensure you have complete protection. Contact us for details.



• All travel arrangements from the client's home to the commercial airport at Resolute
including meals and hotel rooms. (Arrangements can be made for hotel and air charters upon request).


• Licenses and government trophy fees; gratuities to guides.


• Canadian Firearms Import License at a cost of $25 CAD issued by Canada Customs
upon entering Canada.


• Arctic Wildlife Research Fund (AWRF) fee of $210 USD.


• General Administration Fee of $165 USD.


• Arctic Airfare booking fee of $215 USD. This includes one itinerary change


• Bank wire fees.


• Personal effects such as toiletries, sleeping bag and clothing including outer gear,
(caribou skin suits are available in Resolute for client's use and recommended for March and early April hunts).


• Archery equipment, guns and ammunition.


• Excess baggage charges from Arctic communities to Ottawa, Winnipeg or Montreal.


• Packing and shipping of the trophy; taxidermy fees.


• Cancellation and trip interruption insurance.


• Visitor to Canada Health or Medical Emergency Insurance.


• Hotel and meals in Ottawa, Winnipeg or Montreal and Arctic Communities before and after the hunt.


• Any additional hotel costs and meals due to delays caused by flight cancellations or
delays due to any reason in surface transfers to camps by boat, snowmobile or any other conveyance that are beyond the control of Canada North Outfitting and its associates.


• Canadian Goods & Services Sales Tax (GST).
Note: There is a 50% GST refund applicable only on the hunt cost (for Non-Canadian residents only) .



The license fee per animal is $50 to $100 CAD and the government trophy fee is $750 to $1500 CAD plus applicable taxes. The export permit, currently free, is issued once the government trophy fee is paid. Government fees are subject to change without notice.



The insurance under-writers require that all hunting and travel adventure clients must sign a comprehensive waiver of liability recognizing that big game hunting and wilderness life and travel can be a dangerous activity.



In the event that Canada North Outfitting (2011), Inc. cannot obtain a tag for the client to hunt polar bear, all monies paid to Canada North Outfitting (2011), Inc. for the polar bear hunt will be returned to the client.



This is a polar bear hunt. Hunting of seals during or after a polar bear
hunt may be possible at the guide's discretion and arranged by the client with his guides. The client must first obtain a seal license for $5 CAD at the wildlife office. However, sealskins or any by-product thereof are not importable into the United States or Mexico and other foreign clients should check import laws of their own country.



We can recommend any number of Canadian taxidermists to prep hides for export to the client's country or do the complete work. The Canadian taxidermist will obtain the proper CITES export documenentation.



In the event that a polar bear is not taken during the scheduled 10 day hunt, the client has the option of returning for another 10 day hunt before May 31, 2015 which is the end of the prime season.


Cost Includes:

The services of an experienced Inuit polar bear guide with a dog team throughout the duration of the hunt; assistant guide with snowmobile and field preparation of the trophy.


All ground transportation by snowmobile from the village to the hunting area. An air charter can be arranged at the client's expense.


The cost for a non-hunting companion includes all items as above except that he/she will have only one guide and transport will be on sled drawn by snowmobile unless otherwise arranged.


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