Canada North Outfitting

We are Arctic Experts

Incorporated on October 27, 1980 Canada North Outfitting began outfitting for its first adventure hunts with the Inuit of the Canadian Arctic during the spring of 1981.

Throughout our 40-year history, Canada North Outfitting has provided a multitude of Inuit hunters with economic benefits and self-sufficiency associated with guiding, all the while carrying on with their hunting heritage. Supporting community, culture, tradition and conservation.

For 40 years, we have provided an unparalleled adventure in hunting and unique cultural experiences, maintaining an absolute success in every way.

As well as being an outfitter Canada North partners with communities and guides throughout Nunavut, always being respectful and providing training and equipment to add to the already incredible abilities of the Inuit guides. Since 2014 we worked with our Inuit partners to set up a northern-based guides training program based on advancing Inuit culture and traditions.

Trust and respect has been earned by our absolute commitment to the people, the land, the tradition and the culture.

We are happy to share and provide our extensive experience and knowledge of the Arctic and answer your questions which will provide comfort in one of if not the most extreme environments in the world.

We are outfitters with a permanent presence in the Arctic coordinating and outfitting hunts during all of the seasons.

Every logistical detail, including type of gear, Arctic flights and accommodations, are looked after from the moment you book your hunting adventure with us.

Our client servicing, know-how and extensive time spent in the Arctic communities that we work in is paramount to your Arctic adventure. We are Arctic experts.

Happy 40th Anniversary CNO

Happy 40th Anniversary CNO

Hey, a quick thank you note for the great hunt, excellent outfitting, and the great gift that arrived yesterday. You guys are the best I’ve ever hunted with – outstanding operation!


Want to thank you guys for the vest and all you do to make your hunts all they can be. You truly are at the top of your field. Thanks again for a memory filled hunt and I will be back!


Just want to say a quick thank you for the professional services and valuable support you have provided. We are very pleased with Canada North and will spread the word.