Canada North Outfitting has been catering to the needs of hunters from the world over since 1981 with our World Class Arctic Expeditions. Canada North is the driving force in partnering with Inuit communities for the consumptive use of sustainable and reusable Arctic wildlife from the day we took out the first Polar Bear hunter at the mouth of Frobisher Bay on Baffin Island to the first Muskox hunters on Prince of Wales Island out of Resolute, Nunavut. Canada North also pioneered sport hunting for Atlantic Walrus in 1995 after its many years of closure.

Arctic Expeditions

Polar Bear

The “Ultimate” Arctic hunt for one of the world’s most formidable predators. Government biologists closely monitor Polar Bear populations in the Canadian Arctic and allow limited amount of licenses to be issued each year. Canada North Outfitting, in collaboration with local Inuit communities offer a traditional spring hunts by dog sled teams from March to the end of May. August to October hunts for polar bears are also available by ATV and by boat.

GREENLAND MUSKOX – Spring & Fall Hunts

Cambridge Bay is on the south east area of Victoria Island; the accommodation on this hunt is in plywood cabins. Due to regular daily flights to Edmonton, clients have the option to leave Cambridge Bay once their trophy animal is taken.

Muskox taken in this region dominate the SCI Record Book with over 200 entries in rifle, bow and black powder categories. The current edition lists have our clients holding the No. 2 and two tied for No. 3 Greenland Muskox. Canada North Outfitting is unparalleled on Barren Ground Muskox success.


This is a demanding hunt and a true Arctic adventure. High scoring Boone and Crockett Muskox trophies come out of the mainland herd between the villages of Cambridge Bay and Umingmaktok. Accommodations vary from outpost camps in Umingmaktok or tents en route. Canada North Outfitting is unparalleled on Barren Ground Muskox success.


These muskox hunts are done in the late Arctic summer in August and September with walking, ATV’s and boats as the modes of transportation. If you dislike snow on the ground, then this is the Muskox hunt for you. Hunting takes place west of the village of Cambridge Bay.


This is a mid-fall hunt for Arctic Islands Caribou that migrate by the village of Cambridge Bay on Victoria Island and for the “resident” Greenland Muskox. On this hunt, the client rides in a sled (Komatik) drawn behind a snowmobile.


The Qaminirjuaq and Beverly Barren-Ground Caribou herds number 500,000 and 200,000 animals respectively. Mobility is the key to success on this hunt and is carried out by ATV. This allows the guide and hunter access to cover a vast territory in minimal time so more trophy Caribou are spotted. Accommodation is either in tent camps or cabins depending on where the Caribou are concentrated.


Canada North Outfitting pioneered Walrus hunting in Nunavut, conducting the first non-resident, non-Aboriginal hunt in 1995. Our clients have taken 7 of the top 10 Atlantic Walrus trophies entered in the SCI record book. Walrus Hunts are carried out with the use of motorized boats to transport you to the hunting areas. The Walrus Hunt is one of the most interesting cultural hunts you will ever do.


This little known Grizzly is managed under a very limited license quota. It’s body size is similar to that of the Grizzly of Alaska, with 2.3 m (7.5 ft) animals being considered large. To cope with cold Arctic conditions, the Barren-Ground Grizzly has developed a long luxuriant coat and long claws. Hunting is carried out by snowmobile with accommodations varying from tent to cabins.


Add this special species to your Muskox or Grizzly Hunt

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