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Culture, Tradition & Community

One of the greatest achievements in human history has been the successful settlement of the Arctic.

The region is home to the Inuit people, with its population living in a hunting based culture that spans over 5,000 years.

Harvesting, hunting and travelling remain at the heart of Inuit culture and way of life.

Hunting is at the core of Inuit culture.

Comprehensive knowledge of local wildlife and survival techniques combined with incredible patience, hunting skills, physical and mental strength, stamina and courage are fundamental values in traditional Inuit culture.

The Inuit people and their great ancestors have achieved one of the most remarkable human accomplishments of all time: the successful settlement of the Arctic.

The importance of the Inuit values and skills they were taught by their ancestors and passed down through generations of elders that allow them to survive in the harshest of environments.

Traditional values such as sharing of food, respect for others and cooperation remains central to Inuit community life.

Revitalizing Inuit culture

Julia Ogina is set to receive Governor General’s Meritorious Service Decoration

Community Events

Canada North Outfitting does more than just outfitting for adventure hunts.

We are involved in year-round community events and activities throughout Nunavut doing our part to ensure that the unique Inuit culture not only continues to exist but to thrive in the modern world.

Canada North Outfitting is honoured to be included in the amazing Inuit culture and their traditions.

From sponsoring traditional Inuit cultural activities such as throat singing, drum dancing, elder sewing classes, Inuit carving programs and annual Bowhead Whale hunts to contemporary projects such as funding of books and other educational supplies for daycare centres, various community feasts, an all Inuit men’s hockey team, youth skating programs, annual fishing derbies, and Christmas food banks just to name a few.

CNO in the Community

CNO in the Community
Sound of Northern Lights

Sound of Northern Lights

We are a proud supporter of throat singers Donna and Judi Lyall who perform as The Sound of Northern Lights.



The Arctic remains one of the most inhospitable environments on Earth. All trips up there are “expeditions”. A key part of the experience is being with the great Inuit hunters and observing how, seemingly without… Read Full Review


We are very glad with the outcome of the expedition and happy about how the Inuit guides managed the hunt. Our compliments to Canada North Outfitting and the guides.


My hunt was awesome thanks to my Inuit guide and his two assistants. They certainly know what they are doing and took care of me from the minute I got to the Arctic until they put me on the plane to leave.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Should you like to do something to assist us we would be happy to involve you in one of our projects.