Shane Black, President & CEO of Canada North Outfitting
Canada North Outfitting

Shane's Bio

Starting at the young age of 11, Shane Black grew up traveling Northern BC, Yukon and the NWT fur buying with his father. Through these travels and exposure to the north his father instilled in Shane respect and understanding for the Indigenous peoples, their cultures and traditions. His visits with elders were the catalyst to him becoming involved in the outfitting industry in the early 80’s. His knowledge of northern wildlife animals and their environments has allowed him to gain an in depth understanding in providing the best adventures and success. Shane’s unparalleled reputation worldwide has led to a loyal international client following. Shane acquired Canada North Outfitting in 2011, it has become one of the world’s most trusted brands. Shane has achieved a reputation for excellence that is rarely seen in the outdoor industry. Arctic expeditions featuring unique game species, exceptional people, and breathtaking landscapes; Shane has marketed the far north as a true International Adventure Destination. Shane’s experience in Outfitting and the respect he has for the Inuit people, culture, and traditions has generated success in the Arctic that goes beyond the realm of hunting. The land and people of Nunavut have become an integral part of Shane’s life. In 2017 Shane was rewarded the prestigious North America Hunter of the Year Award.