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Canada North Outfitting

Shane Black is welcomed back to the Arctic.

The 10-week trip Shane Black of Canada North Outfitting is on throughout the communities in Nunavut took an invitation and months of preparation and hard work.  It was further impacted by COVID.Shane spent 14 days in isolation in a hotel just 4 miles from the office.

No visitors were allowed. A security guard accompanied him if he left his hotel room. Outside time was in an enclosed parking lot behind the hotel with a security guard present.  Wellness checks were done each day. It was an incredibly challenging time for Shane. This 14-day quarantine is a requirement for the Inuit people as well who leave their community in Nunavut for medical travel south before returning home, a challenging process. This was not a COVID camp, it is a requirement and only residents of Nunavut and essential workers are allowed into Nunavut at this time.

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