Greenland Muskox – Spring & Fall

Hunting Greenland Muskox in the Arctic

Greenland Muskox - Summer Hunt

Greenland Muskox

Canada North has been operating hunts in the region of Cambridge Bay since 1995 with not only high Hunter Success but an incredible amount of appreciation gained by our clients for the Inuit people and their skills on the land and the culture. Many Muskox taken in the region would qualify for the Pope and Young record book and the SCI record book. Safari Club International classifies all Island Muskox as “Greenland Muskox”.

Hunting Greenland Muskox is carried out from Cape Peel to Mount Pelly, on the southern coast of Victoria Island. Client-hunters fly by regularly scheduled airline to the village hamlet of Cambridge Bay, and from there, travel by boat that takes 4 to 6 hours to the hunting area. Contact Us to Book

Hunt Dates

Mid-March to Mid-April

Mid-October to Early November

Muskox Spring Hunt – Mid-March to Mid-April

Muskox hunts are by far the greatest way to experience Inuit culture and the Canadian Arctic. The hamlet of Cambridge Bay is situated on Victoria Island. Canada North Outfitting has been very involved and instrumental in recent Muskox Health surveys and other research related activities constantly working hand in hand with research scientists in conjunction with the Inuit people and their traditional knowledge to assist in managing this unique population.

These ice age animals are highly sought after for their unique and tremendous look making them a hunting favorite. The Greenland variety of Muskox living in Nunavut, are larger than those actually found in Greenland with clients consistently harvesting very mature bulls.

Canada North Outfitting has maintained unparalleled harvest success rate on high quality bulls throughout our history. We have met or exceeded client expectations and have put more smiles on more faces while hunting in and experiencing the harshest environment on Earth. Contact Us to Book

Muskox Summer Hunt – Mid-August to Early September

If the extreme conditions of a spring muskox adventure are not for you, then a late summer hunt will surely entice you to experience head butting between rival breeding bulls during the long Arctic days. Muskoxen are noted for their long curved horns, thick shaggy coats and musky odor emitted by males during the mid-August rut. Trophy quality is high and hides are still excellent for quality taxidermy mounts since Arctic animals sustain their dense fur throughout the cool summer months.

Cambridge Bay is the only area of Nunavut where the Greenland muskox can be hunted in August and September. This late summer package is ideally suited for individuals concerned about the weather conditions in our March or November hunts. Daytime temperatures at Victoria Island at this time of the year range from 2ºC to 7ºC (35ºF to 45ºF).

Travelling is carried out by boat to the hunting area. Hunters and guides then spot and stalk the inland tundra for muskox. All-terrain vehicles are also used. Expect to encounter a fair amount of game within a few kilometers of the shoreline. Accommodations are either tents or cabins depending on the location of the muskox.

Rifle and bow hunters can be virtually assured of a good muskox bull. The boat and tents give the clients and guides mobility to move along the coast until game is found. Hunters may be expected to help with camp chores. Bow hunters have had 100 percent hunter success on both the spring hunt and this late summer hunt. It is common to see 30 to 40 muskox daily.Contact Us to Book

Muskox Fall Hunt – Mid-October to Early November

These Arctic Islands Caribou and Greenland Muskox hunts are carried out by snowmobile and an Inuit sled (Komatik) or ATV. Accessing the hunting areas by snowmobile/ATV allows the guide and client to cover a tremendous amount of ground thus increasing odds on finding mature bulls.

Depending on the year, snow is on the ground and most large lakes are frozen, while temperatures are still cool you do not have the extreme cold of March Hunts. The hunting camps are very basic plywood cabins heated with stove oil or white gas cooking stoves. Clients can rent down parkas and pants through Canada North Outfitting in Cambridge Bay upon your arrival.
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Combine with Arctic Island Caribou

This hunt can be combined with the Arctic Island Caribou hunt. Read the Caribou page for more information about the combined hunt.

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