Umingmak Muskox
Canada North Outfitting

Guided Barren Ground Muskox Hunt

Hunting muskox is one of the most exciting way to experience Inuit culture and the Canadian Arctic. These ice age animals are incredibly adapted to the extreme temperatures and terrain. These are the largest of the muskox with very healthy populations. An incredibly unique hunting adventure. Our success is unparalleled on both harvest and adventure.

Barren Ground Muskox Hunt

Guided Island Muskox Hunt

The Island Muskox are the Greenland variety of muskox, Canada North along with many guides and HTO’s have spent much time and funds studying this species. An incredibly unique hunting adventure and a perfect way to be introduced to Canada’s Arctic.

Island Muskox Hunt

When booking a hunt with Canada North Outfitting we recommend that you add one or more fur-bearing or small game animals to your hunt package. Arctic Wolf and Wolverine are amongst the more elusive species available to add on.

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Canada North Outfitting has an unparalleled success and trip adventure satisfaction rate. We look forward to sharing our experiences and expertise with you.