Nanuq Polar Bear
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Guided Spring Polar Bear Hunt

The iconic polar bear is the one of the largest of all land carnivores and hunted in one of the most extreme environments in the world. Hunts are all done in traditional Inuit ways and only with Inuit guides.

Every polar bear hunt adventure is as unique as the individual guides and communities where the expedition takes place.

Spring Polar Bear Hunt

Guided Summer & Fall Polar Bear Hunt

A late summer or early fall spot and stalk polar bear hunt by boat and/or ATV adds a different twist to the traditional spring season on the frozen Arctic Ocean.

Our Inuit guides scour and glass the shorelines along well-known islands searching areas used by polar bears during the Arctic’s ice-free period.

The season begins on August 1, which coincides with the best 4 to 5 week period also to hunt Atlantic Walrus that are hauled out by the hundreds on isolated rocky islands.

Summer & Fall Polar Bear Hunt

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